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Are You Sure Of Not Having a keylogger in Your System? Then, Be Sure!

keylogger in Your System
I am sure that you would have heard about keylogger. Many of you might be of the notion that keylogger is a software, but this is not so. Keylogger could be hardware or software. It is meant for both legitimate and illegitimate jobs, but most of the times, it is used by the bad guys to spy on other's information.

If you do not want anybody to have an illicit access to your information, you need to know to catch hold of this kind of process that might run in your system without your knowledge. Here is how, you can have a check on this process.

Hardware keylogger:

Hardware keylogger
Hardware keylogger is the device that needs to be connected to the keyboard port. If you happen to locate it, you can have it disconnected, so that the keystrokes are not traced. 

An alternate method of having the hardware keylogger installed is by soldering it into the circuit of the keyboard. To make sure that you do not have it soldered into the keyboard, you need to disassemble the board and find if there is any such thing fixed.

Software keylogger:

There are innumerous Software keyloggers that can be found online. Certain virus or malware programs have the ability to install keyloggers in your computer while running in your system. Most often, the keyloggers are used to have the credentials of important accounts, such as bank, social media, etc.

There are few things that you can do to identify a software keylogger and here they are!

1) Run an antivirus program

You can run an antivirus program to find, if there is any keylogger installed in your system. You can land on the computer review sites to find which product is the suitable one to detect a software keylogger.

2) Get rid of the malicious files

Run your antivirus and anti-spyware programs almost daily, so that these programs protect you from the malware that is capable of running and sliding keylogger into your system. Make sure that the detected malicious files are either quarantined or removed from the system.

3) Update antivirus software regularly

We would suggest you to schedule updates for your antivirus program on a daily basis. If the virus definitions are open to updates more often, then there is less chance that your computer will be attacked by the trouble making malicious files.

Hardware keyloggers are easy to find when compared with the software keylogger. However, you can make use of updated antivirus or anti-spyware to get rid of it.

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Author Bio:
Robert R. is an avid guest blogger who writes on behalf of Mytechgurus. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with the everyday computer user, by helping them with common errors, especially Windows installer errors and slow computer problems.

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5 SEO Success Secrets

The awareness of what signs algorithms are looking for is fundamental towards SEO success. Here are 5 SEO success secrets you need to put into practice:

1. Acknowledge the relevance of high PR links

Despite what some might say high authority links are still incredibly important. The Google algorithm seeks high PR in order to decide which sites acquire the highest rankings.

If you’re still unsure then why not test it out for yourself? If you have the availability to SEO software that gives link profile readouts, try and search for some key phrases and then run the reports on the top 10 sites that come up. You will most likely find that the sites with the highest rankings are the ones with the highest PR links.

2. Link diversity is crucial

As important as high PR links are, link diversity is even more important, and no, that does not mean blog comment spamming and automated links; that will upset Google. To really boost your rankings, and to make Google happy, you need to show diversity in your link building approach as well as using a combination of dofollow and nofollow links. Here are a list of places you can explore to help you find top links that will enrich your link variety: Web 2.0 sites, press releases, article directories, Wordpress/Blogger, social media sites, and social bookmarks.

3. Do it the natural way

A few years back, automated link building was a major thing where you could find software that would create as many links as possible to help boost your site’s rankings. However, Google’s algorithm updates weren’t too fond of the method, and so automated link building is no longer effective. Therefore, for better SEO management, you should opt for the organic approach by manually seeking a variety of high PR links that you can build your links upon.

4. Stay relevant

Always make sure that you keep significance at the forefront of your mind. Despite the importance of link diversity, it is crucial that you build your links upon sites that are actually relevant to what your site is about, or else you may find that your SEO is less effective. Therefore, you should aim to find links that actually relate to the content of your own.

5. Be multi-media savvy

Text only websites are always the least attractive. To make your site more appealing you need to include a range of images, sounds and videos etc. in order to boost your on page SEO and satiate Google algorithms. If you feel like your site is perhaps lacking in this department, well, it looks like you know what you need to do next.

Author Bio:
This article was written by Rebecca Acres, a copywriter for a digital marketing agency in London.

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Segregating Points of Xbox One and Xbox 360

Segregating Points of Xbox One and Xbox 360
Xbox was an innovative invention with cool features such as wireless controllers, expanded hard drive storage and the kinect motion sensing camera. With a vision of unparalleled experience for the gaming enthusiasts, Xbox 360 and Xbox One are second and third consoles in the Xbox series from Microsoft.

Xbox One is a big gaming console of the present lot. It introduces better graphics and new features that were missing in its predecessor Xbox 360.


Kinect is a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience. Mandatory with every Xbox console, the new version of the kinect is an enhanced version of its predecessor and works really well in key areas such as motion tracking and voice recognition. It is faster as well. A cool feature of Xbox One is a 1080p wide-angle time-of-flight camera. The camera identifies the user and logs in automatically.


There is a huge difference in the main memory pool of the two consoles. Xbox 360 has 512 MB RAM as against Xbox One which is supported with 8GB RAM.

Also, the Xbox One is powered with an AMD “Jaguar’ Accelerating Processing Unit. Having the same architecture as a PC, it facilitates cross gaming platform. Xbox One supports 4K resolution. On the other end, Xbox 360 runs on Power PC tri-core Xenon processor at 3.2 GHz. This means that the successor is more efficient and multitasking is much easier.

Backward Compatibility and Games

Xbox 360 overpowers Xbox One in the gaming arena with huge game library. Earlier, gamers had plenty of choices in terms of games but as Xbox One is not compatible backwards with Xbox 360 games, gamesaves and apps, the gamers will have to rebuild their game library from scratch. A few games will be launched exclusively for the Xbox One soon.


The Xbox One controller though looks similar to the Xbox 360 but features some changes. In the redesigned directional-pad, the Menu and View buttons are replaced with the Start and Back buttons. The Xbox One is also empowered with a USB port to swap between wired and wireless versions. It uses new impulse triggers. The battery pack of the controller is also integrated within the controller to cut on the prominence at the back, something that made the predecessor bulky.

Addition of Blu-rays

Xbox 360 backed DVD and HD-DVD via a peripheral. While the new variant Xbox One comes with blu-ray. It makes for a good movie player as well as lets you install games to the console. The best media feature is the ability to control the idiot box with the Xbox.

No Bluetooth support

The Xbox One does not have Bluetooth support though Wi-Fi Direct and 802.11n helps in dealing with device-to-device connections. Also the wireless accessories require official Xbox options to connect.

Smart addition

Microsoft’s SmartGlass app works on an array of phones, tablets and PCs. The smart addition on Xbox One permits devices working on Windows Phone, Windows 8, IOS and Android to be used as a second screen.

With such enhanced attachments, the new gaming console looks to rule the market and the minds of the gamers.

Author Bio:
Simon is a freelance writer by profession and Technology-enthusiast at heart. He mainly covers topics related to Technology, Android and iOS Apps, and now days he is passionate to cover and write reviews or issues faced by android and iPhone application development services. He prefers and loves to read about the Changing technology trends and review them of his own., The perfect VPN!

I will begin this article by citing benefits of a VPN, then advantages of another type of VPN that's based on SSLv3/TLS.

First of all, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to access the local network of your company through a secure internet connection when you are in a remote location (at home, at a customer ...). Thus, you get access to resources at your local network (shared files, intranet, external, printers, emails, games ...) in the same way as if you were at work / home, without having to open a port on your router or reconfigure your local resources.

So, what? I heard that VPN are secured, but how? Nope, they are not! I'm talking about average VPN, which are used to connect with at least one or more remote machines via an internet connection. We are talking about virtual tunnels where the data is encrypted.

And SSL/TLS VPN ? Here is another thing! These VPN are highly secured, the data transiting inside are totally obscure. They are so obscure that even servers admin can’t know what you are doing. Why ? Because here, the server use a certificate between the customer (you), and the server, and establish an encryption key 256 bits, which is impossible to hack.

In addition to this, they give you a shield against sniffers and hackers who are trying to hack you through public Wi-Fi network, or even your own network at home, because remember, all is encrypted!

Now that you know everything (what a genius!), let’s talk about, The perfect VPN! is a SSL/TLS VPN provider, and it is the best pay VPN! They don’t force you to install their software on your PC as others do. An SSL VPN connection is made to give you anonymity and maximum confidentiality and security. It’s not the case when you install a VPN provider’s software on your PC, since it can read titles of your navigation tabs, read your cookies and also your browser cache, and can thus determinate what you are doing for advertising purposes. work with the OpenVPN Connect client, which is open source and free to download on different platforms as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS…, which makes it a good service.

My first subscription was three months ago, when I was looking for a VPN to play online with my friends in a little virtual local network, everyone at home. What a surprise to fall on They have been excellent , they answered back in a few seconds and have been very helpful. They helped me to achieve what I wanted.

Furthermore, they have premium servers in USA, which allow me to watch my favorite TV shows on Netflix (not available in France). Your American IP will allow you to do so. (Netflix is now my entire life!).

Let’s get back to the technical side, the connection speed, forbidden websites by your provider (torrents, etc), and the famous question: the private life.

Connection Speed

Personally, I’m very happy with, and I encourage you to give a try. More than this, offers you to take part of their expansion politic by advertise their product and win 2$ by subscription you have sponsored for the One Month Plan (7$), and more than 10$ for the One Year Plan (45$)! That’s easy money.

It’s one of the few VPN services that satisfied me. I could also say that is the best ! So, what ? Don't wait anymore !

Connect them on Dacloud's Facebook Page to receive latest updates of their services.

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ACDSee Photo Editor v6.0.359 Free Download

Download Free Software ACDSee Photo Editor v6.0.359 - Full Version

ACDSee Photo Editor v6.0.359
Size : 65 Mb

Harness the power of LCE
Fix lighting. Lightning fast.


Download ACDSee Photo Editor Free

Magix Video Pro X6 v13.0.4.2 Free Download

Download Free Software Magix Video Pro X6 v13.0.4.2 - Full Version

Magix Video Pro X6 v13.0.4.2
SIZE: 334 MB

Top features:
- Native 64-bit application
- Support for professional formats (XDCAM, AVC Intra, DVCPRO, ProRes and more)
- Scalable proxy editing
- Primary and secondary 3-way color correction
- Multicam editing on up to nine tracks.
- Full Stereo3D support
- Expanded 4K support

Mcrip System Files v2.0 Free Download Software

Download Free Software Mcrip System Files v2.0 - Full Version

Mcrip System Files v2.0
SIZE: 247 MB

McRip SystemFiles - is an installer that includes all-in-one the latest version:
- Adobe Flash Player
- Adobe Shockwave Player
- Java Run time Environment
- Microsoft Direct X
- Microsoft Silverlight


Download Mcrip System Files Free

ACDSee v17.1.68 Free Download Software

Download ACDSee v17.1.68 - Full Version Software

ACDSee v17.1.68
SIZE: 63 Mb

Browse fast
Organize flexibly
Find in a flash
Manage everything


Download ACDSee Free

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Pointstone Total Privacy 6.47.310 Free Download

Download Pointstone Total Privacy - Full Version Software

Pointstone Total Privacy 6.47.310
SIZE: 4.5 Mb

Extensive Areas
Browser Activity
Instant Messengers Activity
Profiles and Automatic Cleaning Cycles
Custom Items
Free Space Cleaner
Smart Cookie Keeper


Download Pointstone Total Privacy Free

Mask My IP Free Download

Download Free Software - Mask My IP - Full Version

Mask My IP
SIZE: 3.0 MB

Key Features:
- Hide Real IP Address
- Surf Anonymously
- Block ISP Eavesdropping
- Guard Against Hackers
- Prevent Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud
- Protect All Connections Including Wi-Fi
- Defend in the Forum once be banned
- Send Anonymous Emails
- Easy & Effective
- Auto/Manual IP Changing

The First Cell Phone

The very first cell phone was created in 1946 by a truck driver who was simply running an experiment. The phone weighed around 80 pounds and consisted of a battery life which only lasted through 6 calls. By 1948, the very first hand held phone was created by Martin Cooper; the man responsible for taking mobile phones to a whole new level. This phone only weighed around 2.5 pounds. However, calls were not cellular yet and people still could not move around freely while talking on the phone. Phones were mounted into automobiles in the 80s, but it wasn’t until 1983; Joel Engel and Richard Frenkiel introduced the cellular concept to the world. They achieved this by putting towers just a few miles from one another, so people were able to make remote calls from their cell phones. People started to become more aware of this new idea and quickly jumped on board. This is considered to be one of the greatest breakthroughs in the evolution of cell phone and tablet charging.

The First Cell Phone

Author Bio:
Alex Petrozza is the creative writer for Cable Wholesale providing professional cables for a wide variety of applications. You can follow their business rambling on Twitter @Cablewholesale.

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Best Utility Apps for iPhone

Best Utility Apps for iPhone
While the iPhone is a great help to everyday life, it is necessary to check if its applications function up to its greatest potential. For as long as everything is up and running perfectly, you can enjoy every feature without a problem. To keep your iPhone’s functionality, here are some apps to use:


There is an icon on your iPhone screen that tells you how much percentage of battery is left. Once it reaches the lowest portion, it is a signal that you have to charge it. Indeed, the icon is a helpful warning sign but you ought to know that better battery consumption is what you can enjoy with the BatteryMagic app. The BatteryMagic app is free for the beta version and paid for the BatteryMagicPro version. This app provides an indication on how much battery is left for a specific running application such as Wifi, 3G Internet, Talk Time, Game Play, Stand-by Time, Audio Playback and Video Playback. For the pro version, you are able to check if the battery life is enough to show a full-length movie.


Priced at 99 cents, iNotify is an application that allows you to check on important appointments or errands under your to-do list. This notification appears on your lock screen, therefore every time you take a look at your phone, you are reminded of the things you need to accomplish within the day. The iNotification can be easily customized. You can add or remove activities under the list.


AppBoxPro garnered a number of thumbs-up because of its multiple functionality. This all-in-one app provides a number of utility apps that are totally helpful and beneficial. AppBoxPro comprise of the following: currency converter of up to 195 currencies, clinometer, battery life, loan calculator, 52-language translator, holidays observed in 83 nations, flashlight with adjustable brightness, sale price calculator and tip calculator. The best thing is that this app costs only 99 cents.

Camera Flash and More

If you love taking photos, the Camera Flash and More App is a great feature to have on your iPhone. As you use this app in taking photos, you can increase or decrease the brightness of a particular photo. You can also use this app in customizing photos, making them black and white or in a sepia format. If you want to add some fun with your photos, this app allows you put some funky effect on them. You can get this app at 99 cents.


If you think that your connection is running slow on your iPhone, it’s time to do a speed test. By downloading and installing the SpeedTest app on your device, you can check whether or not connectivity is running correctly as it should. In the case of getting very slow speed, you can get in touch with your ISP to report the issue. If you are getting good results from the SpeedTest, you can perform tasks requiring connectivity efficiently. SpeedTest is a free app. You can use this app at any time and place.

WiFi Locator

WiFi connectivity is what allows iPhones to acquire connection to the internet. Since 3G/4G/LTE is always difficult to obtain, the WiFi locator can be more reliable. By using this app, you can connect to any desired network as long as no password is required. You don’t need to walk around finding a good WiFi spot because the WiFi Locator will provide all the information on your screen through the maps app. The WiFi Locator helps you find the strongest signal and strength of network signals are sorted on your phone for viewing. Thus, you can easily determine which network to try first.

Your iPhone can truly do wonders as long as you have the right helpful apps in it. The best thing is that these apps are very affordable, they won’t break the bank.


Author Bio:
Bogdan Shumei is team leader at Top Net SEO corporation. Often shares his experience blogging.

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What Is the Purpose of a DDoS Attack?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are usually done by individuals calling themselves “hacktivists.” Their purpose is to crash a website server by overwhelming it with activity by “bots” and is generally an aim with a political purpose. These attacks can take up 111gbps to 179gbps, and in April of 2013, took 144 million packets-per-second. If the “hacktivists” are against a company’s stance on a specific issue or multiple issues, the “hacktivist” will attack in an attempt to show opposition and illustrate the company’s weakness. A “hacktivist” may also attack a company, such as a bank or finance company, which they believe makes money off of the downtrodden of society. Some hackers have used DDoS attacks for extortion in an attempt to make companies pay a designated amount before their servers can go back online. A DDoS attack can even be carried out by hackers who deem the company in competition with another company the hacker supports. It is also beginning to look like DDoS attacks are being used in fraud techniques and many alerts have been issued to companies to be aware of these possible attacks.

What Is the Purpose of a DDoS Attack?

Created by the marketing team at Prolexic Technologies.

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How To Speed Up Windows 8

How To Speed Up Windows 8

Computers are usually bought in top notch conditions bringing maximum performance to their users when they are new. Most users ignore the fact that their computer is bound to get slower by the day. The majority of computer users disregard proper maintenance as required. Hence, their computers gradually decline in performance. Windows newest Operating System, Windows 8 has slowly grown as it takes up the market share. Step by step procedures have been written down to ensure computer users receive the best from their money over time.

1. Remove programs from startup

When programs are installed, a shortcut is created in the startup. This enables services from the program to be launched once a computer is booted. With time, the computer has many services set to be running on startup. This consumes the primary memory of the computer and exhausts the processor as unused programs are also in operation. The following steps are used to remove unwanted programs from the startup and ensure the computer achieves required speeds in booting and its operations.
  • Open the task manager.
  • Click on Startup tab. A list of the programs running at startup is displayed.
  • Right click on a program and select disable. On the status column, it should now show disabled.

2. Manage computer space

Unwanted files accumulate over time and take up disk space in computers. Once the primary partition holding the operating system is congested, the computers speeds go down tremendously. Removing unwanted files from the recycle bin, caches and cookies formed by browsers and other temporary files can all be done an application incorporated in windows through following the following steps;
  • Open disk cleanup.
  • Select drive to work on then select ok.
  • Select file types to be deleted then ok.
  • A message appears. Select delete files.

3. Hard disk defragmentation

Data saved in computers is stored in forms of files. These files are kept as data blocks in the computer’s hard disk. The continuous addition and deletion of files leaves huge gaps in between the data blocks created. The computer then gets hard time accessing data in the hard disk. Files that should be concurrent for easy access but are separate are said to be fragmented. To keep data in an organized format, the hard disks need to be regularly defragmented. The following steps are taken in implementing this.
  • Open Computer. The hard disks present are displayed.
  • Right click on any drive and select properties.
  • Click on Tools tab.
  • Select Optimize. A list of all active drives is shown.
  • Select required drive and click on optimize.

4. Computer graphics

Computers with low RAM require their graphics to be allocated minimum space so that other important features can be worked on. The following steps are used in effecting this.
  • Click on start and type performance information and tools. It will appear under settings.
  • Click it and select adjust visual effects.
  • You can then select what you require by clicking on the checkboxes. For critical situations, adjusting for best performance is recommended.

5. Uninstall unused programs

There are many programs that users install by visiting internet sites and making downloads. These programs are installed and consume space in the computer. Computer users are advised to keep only the programs they use and remove unused programs. In order to uninstall a program, a user has to;
  • Click on control panel.
  • Ensure the view is set to category view and click on uninstall a program.
  • Go through installed programs and click uninstall on those unused programs to remove them completely.

6. Cleaning up of the computer

Computers are easily affected by unwanted programs that include Viruses, Worms and Trojans. Getting the right antivirus solution is the best solution. Windows 8 however comes preinstalled with windows defender which can be updated regularly to prevent from attacks from malware programs.

With the above solutions, a computers performance is bound to be at its best. Upgrading of computer components such as the RAM, processor and hard disk can also be considered.

Author Bio:
The Author is a professional writer with grown interests in computer interaction to help novices make the best of their computers. He writes for Essay Jedi.

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8 Best Techniques Of Making Money With Joomla CMS

8 Best Techniques Of Making Money With Joomla CMS

As a free open source content management system (CMS) Joomla has been successfully utilized for building websites that fare well with the targeted audience. In addition to acting as an excellent source of building amazing websites, Joomla CMS has also opened doors for making quick money. Yes, this is true. With Joomla, you can make easy money and that too at a faster pace. If you’re intending to make quick money via your Joomla site then this is the perfect blog which will help you find the right information. In this blog, I’ve jotted down some of the best techniques of earning money via Joomla powered website.

Technique No.1- Offering Service Projects

Since Joomla has become one of the most desirable content management systems(CMSs), you can choose to provide services that are related to it. For example, you can opt for offering customer support services such as upgrading a Joomla powered website, fixing a hacked site, setting up E-commerce stores etc. Customers who tend to face issues with their Joomla website can seek your services and you can charge them accordingly.
Technique No.2- Writing reviews for products
Writing reviews for products

Yes, it’s unbelievable but absolutely true. You can actually get paid by writing Joomla product reviews. Nowadays, customers prefer purchasing a Joomla product/service only after going through the reviews posted for the same. Hence, Joomla development companies are ready to spend a good amount of cash on Joomla service reviews. If you’ve a flair for writing and are skilled in penning down customer reviews then you can easily make quick money.

Technique No.3- Setting up Joomla templates and extensions up for sale

Setting up Joomla templates and extensions up for sale

Joomla users across the globe are always in search of best extensions and templates that can improve the overall look and feel of their website. By becoming a Joomla Templates/Extensions provider, you can expect to earn a good sum of cash. No matter which country you belong to, selling Joomla templates and extensions will always offer you huge monetary profits.

Technique No.4- Writing and selling Joomla E-Books

Writing and selling Joomla E-Books

Book writing has always been an effective means of making money. If you’re aware about Joomla features and functionality, you can choose to write e-books that can then be circulated among Joomla users for a good sum of cash. Today, there’s a good majority of authors who have written e-books that have received a great feedback.

Technique No.5- Offering Joomla hosting services

Offering Joomla hosting services

Hosting is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of every website. You can’t compromise on the hosting service for your site. Joomla being no exception to this, also requires effecting hosting service. Becoming a successful Joomla hosting provider allows you to grow your financial benefits by an incredible level. While offering Joomla hosting service, the aspects that you need to focus on include website security, hosting space, bandwidth, stability, loading speed, file transfer etc.

Technique No.6- Offering Joomla technical support services

Offering Joomla technical support services

Technical issues are a part and parcel of every Joomla website. People will continue to face problems in ensuring a smooth functioning of their website. They will hence, look out for support online. By offering Joomla technical support services, you can make good cash. The areas that you can choose to offer technical support in include SEO, website back-up, security, installation, content creation and so on.

Technique No.7- Join Joomla affiliate programs

Join Joomla affiliate programs

Joomla affiliate programs have truly come up as brilliant means of making money. If you’re good at promoting Joomla products and services via websites, social media pages emails etc. you can always choose to gain monetary benefits. Internet is crowded with websites that offer tutorials that allow you to understand the ins and outs of participating in Joomla affiliate programs for making money.

Technique No.8- Offering online Joomla coaching and training classes

Offering online Joomla coaching and training classes

People who’re interested in Joomla always want to learn about it. This is the situation; you can take an advantage of. Choose to offer online Joomla coaching and training classes for a good fee. Joomla enthusiasts are ready to pay any amount of money for gathering insights on the CMS and they won’t feel reluctant in paying you a good fee for your online tutorials.

Wrapping Up

So that was a list of 8 result-oriented techniques that can aid you in making quick money via Joomla CMS. Hope you’d have enjoyed reading the compilation. If you want to add something to the above post, please proceed ahead by using the comments box below.

Author Bio:
Edword Jones is a web developer by profession and a writer by hobby and works for Offshore Joomla Development company. He loves sharing information regarding wordpress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla development tips & tricks. If you are looking for Joomla Programmer then just get in touch with him.

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10 Substitutes to PayPal

10 Substitutes to PayPal
PayPal is a convenient way to pay and accept payment online. Many online merchants use the service to get payment along with credit cards or debit cards from major companies such as Visa and Mastercard. Merchants and online buyers aren't the only ones who take advantage of PayPal's services. There are so many freelance workers who rely on PayPal to get paid for rendered services. PayPal makes our life so simple when it comes to paying for goods and services online. Despite how useful it is, some have been frustrated with the quality of the service they get from PayPal. There's even a group that has created a dedicated website to gripe about PayPal.

So if you don't like Paypal, then here are a few alternatives:

1. Amazon Payments

This service lets you send money to friends and family. Amazon’s service offers a simple way to send money as you can easily pay on thousands of websites by using the information stored in your Amazon account so there’s no need to input your credit card or type in your address. Online sellers are charged 2.9% +$.3 per-transaction for transactions greater than $10.
With this service from Google, you can send money to your friend in the U.S. as well as spend the money on your account on stores. It also has an added service that it lets you leave your loyalty programs and cards behind as it can store it for you.
This service bills itself as “Hassle-Free Payment Processing.” Like PayPal, their service is compatible with Ebay. Merchants can use the service to accept credit cards on their website and even send invoices to their customers. Merchant Inc.’s standard rate for transactions is 1.99%. Merchant Inc. also promises sellers that they can receive payments in as little as two days.
Merchants can get a device from Square that they can use to swipe the credit card of their customer. The device can be used on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. While the device can be used by brick-and-mortar businesses, Square also has a service that allows online merchants to accept payment. Square’s rate is 2.75% for every transaction.
Want to pay bills online just like you do with PayPal? American Express’ Serve service lets you get a temporary card at retailers such as Office Depot, Walgreens, and CVS/pharmacy. You can add funds to the card for free at participating CVS/Pharmacy and 7-Eleven stores in the U.S. With Serve, you can also send and receive money from friends and family who also have a Serve account.
This company’s mission is to allow anyone to quickly and safely move money online at the lowest cost possible. And they do have one of the lowest rates around at just $0.25 per transaction or free for transactions that are less than $10. Users can send money to an email address or phone numbers, the recipient needs to open a Dwolla account to claim the funds. Dwolla also has a mobile app.
Like Square, ProPay also provides a dongle that attaches to your iOS and Android device that lets merchants accept credit card payments. ProPay also offers other devices that let merchants accept credit cards. Their rate for swiping a card is 2.6% while their keyed rate is 3.4%.
This service is already available in 196 countries around the world and they can process 26 currencies. As for their rates, it’s a bit on the steep side as their transaction rate is 5.5% and they charge another 45 cents per transaction.

9. Xoom

Just like Paypal, Xoom can be used to send payment to friends and family. Freelance workers can also use this service to get paid by their employers. It’s geared more towards those who want to send remittances.
This is an emerging form of currency and merchants can use Bitcoins as a form of payment and even avoid transaction fees. The challenge is that not a lot of people use this and several major exchanges have closed recently so it makes it a little hard to exchange your Bitcoins to cash.

For those who are frustrated with the service they get from PayPal or who just want another payment processor, they can check out these PayPal alternatives. Some providers offer much cheaper transaction rates compared to PayPal so that could be a reason to switch providers even if you are satisfied with PayPal’s service.

Image Credit: sscreations

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Infographic on Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place is essential to the survival of all businesses. Without a DRP, businesses are subject to the loss of data, revenue, and customer base during a disaster or downtime, which can be catastrophic. Many different DRP options exist, such as adjusting your in-house infrastructure, backing up data through a secure cloud hosting service, and adding redundancies to your servers so that there is little to no downtime in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. By having a proper DRP, you can ensure that your data is safe and your business will continue to operate even amidst a disaster.

Infographic on Disaster Recovery

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Are You Textually Active? What Are You Really Saying on Text Message

Text messaging has greatly grown in popularity even within the last ten years. Today, over 90% of people who have smartphones use text messaging via SMS, or short message service. However, there is a surprising divide between male and female messengers.

Although most people believe that females always have more to say than males do, this is not necessarily the case with texts. In fact, males generally send more texts each day with an average of 17 regular contacts with whom they stay in touch. On the other hand, women tend to stay in touch with about 13 contacts. There is a difference in the style of men’s and women’s text messages though. Men usually send shorter messages that are to the point; women are more likely to send longer messages and to express feelings of love and affection via SMS. Although women realize that texts alone do not keep a relationship alive, many men believe that texts are a valid form of daily communication.

There is also a gap between age groups. Those who are younger tend to send more texts than those who are older. This infographic shows more surprising data about this texting phenomenon.

Are You Textually Active? What Are You Really Saying on Text Message

This infographic was produced by Scratch Wireless. You can find unlimited data plans from Scratch Wireless.

Selasa, 04 Maret 2014

A Walk Through Amazing Games For Android Users

Gaming continues to remain one of the most cherished activities among people of all age groups. With the growing popularity of smartphones, gaming freaks have started accessing games via their hand-held internet-enabled devices. Android is one such mobile operating system that has become a hub of globally recognized games. Well, it goes without saying that the world’s best games are available on Android. You can easily have a great gaming experience on Android without the need for learning any technicalities. Today, I’ve written this blog to make you familiar with some amazing games that are tailor-made for Android users.

Game#1- Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge is a perfect match for all tennis lovers. This Android game enables you to create your own player and establish a successful career by beating more and more skilled tennis players. You can opt for playing a tournament by choosing from over five different playing modes. Backed by realistic sound and graphics, Virtua Tennis Challenge is definitely an addictive game, cherished by tennis lovers of all age groups.

Game#2- Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is a cute Android game wherein you have to feed candy to the little monster named Om Nom. This game has witnessed 400 million downloads till date and comes with 375 and more levels to cross. All through the game, you need to collect gold stars, unlock new levels and discover hidden gifts/surpises. Adorable Om Nom makes the game a cute adventure trip.

Game#3- Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the game for all fast movers. In this game, you need to dash as fast as you can. Through the course of game, you need to dodge trains and avoid facing the grouchy inspector and his dog. You can easily use the swipe feature to make the character move from right to left, roll and jump. On attaining a good(high) score, you may also choose to share it on Facebook. Vivid HD graphics and power-packed swipe acrobatics make the game a complete fun experience.

Game#4- Battle Nations

Battle Nations

As an award-winning epic strategy game, Battle Nations currently exists in version 2.3 and higher. In this game, you’re in complete command of the Imperial Army and need to complete missions across the great Frontier Assemble. As the game progresses, you get a chance to build an efficient Outpost to keep your empire safe.

Game#5- Muffin Knight

Muffin Knight

An action-packed game, Muffin Knight comes with amazing visuals and a set of fairytale characters that keep on gaining strength as you progress from one level to another. In this game, you need to fertilize a forest with unicorn, flood the world with candy and cover the sky with black holes. Some of the enticing features Of Muffin Knight include ability to play as 18 different characters, epic boss battles, 2.5D graphics, cross-platform compatibility and many more features.

Game#6- Rayman Fiesta Fun

Rayman Fiesta Fun

If you’ve been an avid follower of Rayman Jungle Run, then you’ll surely love Rayman Fiesta Fun. This new wacky Android game comes with more than 75 levels and you need to beat all the 3 epic bosses to reach the Land of the Divine Dead Island. Through the course of game, you need to collect Lums to grab rewards.


Now that you’re well acquainted with the best Android games, hope picking up your best fit would become easier. Do install these games into your Android smartphones and I guarantee you’ll never get bored out of your mobile device. Prior to installing a game, make sure to cross-check its bug-free status because it shouldn’t be the case that in the wake of playing a new game, you tend to mess up all the other functionalities in your smartphone. So, make a good and an intelligent choice.

Please don’t forget to drop in your views/opinions on the above post using the comments box below.

Author Bio:
Liza Williams is a web developer by profession and a writer by hobby and works for OSSMedia Ltd company. He loves sharing information regarding wordpress, Majento, Drupal and Joomla development tips & tricks. If you are looking for Magento Theme Programmer then just get in touch with him.

Sabtu, 01 Maret 2014

What To Do If Your Hotmail Account Gets Hacked ?

Have you been receiving a lot of junk mail lately ? Have your email contacts reported receiving an email from you that you have absolutely no recollection of sending ? Or have they reported getting an instant message from you which you have never sent ? If the answer to any of these questions is a 'yes', then it is very likely that somebody has hacked your Hotmail account or stolen your Hotmail password. This is a very serious situation, and it is possible that this hacker may make use of your Hotmail account for illegal and even criminal purposes.

Steps To Be Taken By You Once You Find Out Your Hotmail Account Is Hacked :

Now that you have a strong idea that your Hotmail account has been hacked, you shall need to take immediate steps to retrieve the situation. We present a list of immediate actionable steps to be taken by you. However, before we go into the details, in case of any confusion in following the instructions given by us, we advise you to please use the Hotmail customer service contact number and get the help of the Microsoft service team to help deal with the problem.

Step 1 : Free Your PC From Malware Or Virus

Download and install a reputed anti-virus and anti-malware system such as the Microsoft Security Essentials (for a Windows 7 operating system) and Microsoft Defender ( for a Windows 8 operating system). Make certain of running a full scan of your system. And only after that, change your Hotmail account password.

Step 2 : Reset Your Hotmail Account Password

Once you have fully completed the scanning of your system, log in to your Hotmail account and reset your password. While selecting a new password, you shall need to make completely sure that you use something that is totally different from the old one. Please do not use any of the commonly used passwords that may be found in many accounts, such as "passwd" or "admin". Use something much more complicated. Make use of capital letters, symbols, lower case letters and numbers. But do make sure that this new password may be easily remembered by you. Run your password through Microsoft's password checker to make sure it has never been used before by anyone. And once set, make sure of changing your password at regular intervals.

Step 3 : Change Your Account Settings

Make sure of resetting your Hotmail account settings. Click on the "more mail settings" field in the "Options" tab and follow the instructions given on how to reset the various options available in your Hotmail account.

Step 4 : Get Back The Deleted Mail

One of the most important signs that your Hotmail account has been hacked is the sheer number of deleted mail. Once the Microsoft mail server has an inkling that your account is being hacked, it saves all the deleted mail in a special "Deleted" folder. Click on this folder, and opt for for "restore deleted mail" option. Now you are good to go!


Hacking of the Hotmail account of private individuals is a serious problem that has become very common of late. The first step in dealing with it is to check for the signs that tell you whether your Hotmail account has been hacked or not. Then the instructions given in this article should be followed step by step to help in retrieving the situation.
Image Credit: Stuart Miles

Author Bio:
Smith is a professional programmer from NewYork , who has often been the victim of a Hotmail hack, and has found using the Hotmail customer service contact number a mighty useful way to deal with this mini-crisis. Besides helping out people who are under attack from dangerous hackers, He dabbles in photography and hates global warming.



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