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The Most Accurate PDF Tables to Excel Converter

Working with PDF format is often the most desirable format to use in the office. When we send a report to someone we don’t have to worry about the format being disarranged or changed in the process of opening and viewing. When sharing data with others PDF format is preferred because it looks the same on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or any other platform.

However, problems can occur when we encounter a report, statement, or a receipt in PDF format with data that we need to reuse for some other purpose. In such situations, we realize that extracting data is not easy. A simple copy and paste can take ages, and it doesn’t work for scanned documents. When we encounter such problems, we can use software which performs PDF to Excel conversions. By using this software, the data we want to extract gets converted to a spreadsheet from which we can easily copy it or continue editing.

There are multiple software programs which offer such functionality but they differ in quality and features offered. PDF tables can differ in distribution of rows and columns. For example, they can have different heights and widths and be nested into each other. In this case, the software might not recognize everything correctly, which is why we liked the custom Excel conversions feature offered by the popular, professional software, Able2Extract. The accuracy is outstanding. They basically offer the best possible row and column recognition technology. Here is a brief tutorial on how it works:

1) Selecting a PDF table

Able2Extract’s PDF Converter enables you to select the table you need to convert. For example, if you have a one thousand page document and the table you need is on page 500, you don’t need to convert all of the pages. You simply need to go to page 500 and select the table you wish to convert. However, if you do need to convert the entire document, it’s no problem. Large documents can quickly be converted into .xlsx format.

2) Choosing a Conversion option

The software offers two conversion options when converting to Excel spreadsheets.

The first one is automatic; you will probably use this one the most frequently. This is often enough because the conversion engine itself will recognize columns and row structure without you having to worry.

The other option, Custom allows users themselves to specify how the rows and columns should be represented in a new spreadsheet. Let’s say for example, that you want to merge two rows into one. It would be very hard to do that in the Excel spreadsheet itself, but you can specify it before the conversion and save yourself a lot of work.

The same goes for columns. Rows and columns are represented by red lines. If there are lines differentiating rows and columns that you don’t need, simply choose option Erase Row Line/Erase Column Line. If you need the opposite click on Add Columns / Add Rows.

3) Previewing the conversion output

Another significant feature which significantly saves time is the ability to monitor the changes in custom format in real time by choosing the show preview option. This is a very powerful option that leaves a lot of room for experimenting.

4) Mass adjust row and columns settings

PDF tables differ in how they are structured. If we have a document with hundreds of pages we can perform custom adjustments on all of them.

For adjusting Columns, first you should choose how the columns should be split. They can be split if there are two spaces between words, three spaces, and so on.

You can also adjust column types if they are number, text format or something else. This is also very important when working with Excel sheets.

For adjusting rows, you should choose one representative row which will be the prime example. All other rows should adjust to it, or alternatively you can choose to use document horizontal lines in adjusting rows.

All in all, Able2Extract PDF converter is indeed very powerful when it comes to adjusting rows and columns for specific pages. If you are a heavy Excel user that has to deal with PDF to Excel conversions daily, chances are that you will love this feature. It will save you a lot of time and work.

The Able2Extract team has a list of sample files converted from PDF to Excel format. You can use them to test this amazing feature. For testing you will need a trial version of this software, which you will definitely find useful.

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Red Giant Suite for Aoobe Creative Cloud Free Download

Download Software Red Giant Aoobe Creative Cloud 2015 - Full Version 

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GenoPro 2011 Free Software Download

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GenoPro 2011 Keymaker

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Easy to use and convenient

Table Layout

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Gedcom Import

Generate rich HTML reports

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MidiRunner 123tag Free Download Software

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– MP3 player

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– extraction of main MP3 tag information parsing the file name

– advanced editor for the MP3 tag

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PGCSoft CRM Express Professional 2014 Free Download

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DVD Creator

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Photodex ProShow

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate Crack Key Free Download

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– Convert video to common standard and high definition videos;

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Five Books to Read for Better Content

Content Marketing is now the name of the game. With the rise of social media and short attentions spans, one must be able to easily and consistently produce shareable content. Be it for social media, for blog, or for website, here are some of the best books to read to help make your content better.

1. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (Gary Vaynerchuk)

Vaynerchuck is the CEO and Co-founder of Vaynermedia, a social media brand consulting agency. In this book, he talks about how to utilize the different social media platforms of today. He ran through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and other rising platforms such as Snapchat to discuss what type of content works best. He also gives examples companies with the best and worst utilization of each platform.

Read to: develop campaigns, raise brand awareness, and engage customers using different social media platforms.

2. Epic Content Marketing (Joe Pulizzi)

The title says it all: this book provides a roadmap in developing content that engages customers and makes people seek it out. Joe Pulizzi talks about leveraging on social media to propagate your content, how to write content that drives behavior, and measuring the impact of your content marketing efforts.

Read to: use content marketing to affect consumer behavior and measure it’s impact.

3. Talk Like Ted (Carmine Gallo)

With a tagline of “ideas worth spreading,” TED talks conferences are not only greatly attended but also quickly shared. With speakers tackling different topics and featuring some of the best and most innovative thinkers and doers of different industries, TED talks are enjoying an increasing level of popularity. While the primary focus of this book is public speaking, there are many gems in it that can be applied to content marketing. It talks about the best practices of the most popular TED presentations, specifically how to present an idea as simply as possible to get the point across as quickly and clearly as possible.

Read to: develop easily communicated content

4. Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype (Jay Baer)

If you browse around online, it’s easy to notice that a large percentage of shared content are those that people find useful. Think: 10 Easy Ways to Flat Abs and other stuff like that. This book talks about the idea behind that. It discusses how companies can identify customers’ needs and shape their content to address those needs. It talks about how to meet the goal of being relevant and shareable based on today’s standards.

Read to: develop content that is hinged on customers’ needs

5. Superfreakonomics (Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner)

Levitt and Dubner are an Economist and a journalist, respectively, that teamed up and decided to use economics principles in explaining different things from how a street prostitute is like a department store Santa and whether or not people are predisposed to altruism or selfishness. This is not really a content marketing book but one can take a look at how the book was written. Levitt and Dubner were talking about statistics and mathematical regressions to explain how they were able to derive their conclusions in a way that laymen not only understand but also enjoy. It takes a lot of word skills to do that.

Read to: develop a voice that is credible, authoritative, yet relatable.

Just remember, if you want to make readers interested in what you write, your content should be amazing. And more tips to learn how to brighten your content can be found here. Hope that your content will get better with each day!

Author Bio:
Yohana Petrovic is a writer and blogger. She has 10 years` experience in educating and now she is a proofreader at globalessays.org . You can reach her on Facebook: Yohana Petrovic or on Twitter: @YohanaPetrovic

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Six New Essential iPhone Apps Each Traveller Can't Live Without

If you are a traveler, you need to invest in some iPhone applications as they will help you in the long run. Think about it, if you are in the country or overseas, you can make your life easier with a few apps. While true, there are a lot of applications that are a waste of time, and you should try to find ones that offer you what you need. With this in mind, here are six new essential iPhone apps each traveler can't live without.

Weather Line: If you are like most people, you like to know what the weather will be like any given day. This is especially important if you want to get out of your hotel room and go out on your own. Since most travelers will walk a lot, it’s important to download the Weather Line app. Then, when you wake up in the morning, you can see the weather forecast for the day. Furthermore, if you are wise, you will use this app to get the forecast for later in the week and future cities you plan to visit. Either way, with the Weather Line app, you are not going to leave the hotel or hostel unprepared.

XE Currency App: When you travel abroad, you will want to know the currency exchange rate. By knowing the true value of your money and the local currency, you can’t get ripped off by people who take advantage of unknowing tourists. Since the exchange rate changes daily, and sometimes widely, this is a wise application to have on your phone. Yes, you can't trust the local money changers as many of them are out to make money off foolish tourists. On the other hand, if you check the local paper, you will get yesterday’s rate, and you won't know the true value of your money. So, before you head overseas, make sure to download the XE Currency App.

Yelp: While on the road, most people have no idea what lies ahead as far as restaurants and bars. Not only that, if you want to get a massage or check out a movie, you will have to rely on luck and lots of asking questions in the streets. To save time and find the best places to check out, make sure to install the Yelp application on your phone. Then, without a doubt, you can find the best places to go, and you will have an easier time enjoying the local experience.

Skype: If you want to make long-distance phone calls from out of your home country, you are going to waste a lot of money. Not only that, you will get a horrible connection many of the times. On the other hand, with Skype, you can chat with your buddies in real-time, all for free. Furthermore, you can message your friends or family member’s links of your photos and information. Then, you will enjoy your trip more as you can show off and keep in constant contact with the ones you love.

Dropbox: When you are out-of-town and on the road, you will want access to your stuff. Think about it, what if you want to access your passport photo or important files? With Dropbox, you can log in and see your stuff. This makes it easier should you run into any problems. In fact, if you work on the road, you should download Dropbox now and synch it to your iPhone. That way, when you are gone, you are not truly away from your computer and files.

WhatsApp: While not wildly popular in some countries, WhatsApp is a great texting app. Whether you are renting a place off Airbnb or trying to meet a local for a coffee, you will have an easier time with WhatsApp as you won’t pay any fees to text someone in another country, and the person on the other end will not pay a fee. All you must do is download the program and synch it with your current number. Then, when you want to text someone, add him or her to your contacts. Then, you can send images, video, audio or texts to your friends and family all over the world. Simply put, if you are going to travel internationally, you need to download and install WhatsApp.

With these six iPhone applications, you can save a lot of time and money while you are on vacation. In the end, it’s wise to consider these apps and a few more as you will go a long way in ensuring that you have a fun, safe and enjoyable adventure wherever you may go. Remember, while these are great apps and you can rely on them to make your tri more enjoyable, you need to think of your own unique wants and needs while on the road.

Author Bio:
This article was written by Natalya Pobedova. She is 28, from Czech Republic, and runs a flight help website called http://www.travelsiders.com/ as a hobby. At the moment, she works as a freelance web developer. When she has a free minute, she is hanging out with her friends or helping others at Stack Overflow.

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LC Technology RescuePRO Deluxe Free Download

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- Recovers images, documents, mail, video, music or just about anything

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Manga Maker Comipo 2.30.02 Free Software Download

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Nero Video 2015 v16.0+Content Packs Software Free Download

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Nero Video 2015 v16.0.02100 + Content Packs

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Rabu, 07 Januari 2015

eBook Converter Bundle + Portable Software Download

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Free Download

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KLS Backup 2013 Professional Free Software Download

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VSO ConvertXtoHD Final Free Software Download

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Blu-ray and AVCHD Creator

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Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate v2015 Download Free Software

Download Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate v2015 - Full Version Software

Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate v2015

Design to your standards

Work more efficiently with tools designed for architects

Develop higher-quality, more accurate designs

Use both CAD- and BIM-based workflows

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Download Autodesk Building Design Suite Free

Aiseesoft Pdf Converter Ultimate v3.2.20 Free Download Software

Download Aiseesoft Pdf Converter Ultimate - Full Version Software

Aiseesoft Pdf Converter Ultimate v3.2.20.29444 Multilingual

SIZE: 114 MB

Key Features of PDF Converter Ultimate:

Convert PDF to various output formats

Convert PDF to Text format

Convert PDF to Word

Support other document formats

Convert PDF to Image

Output PDF settings

Define PDF page range

Adjust output

Cycle8 FilmSpirit 2.1.0 Free Download Software

Download Free Software Cycle8 FilmSpirit 2.1.0 - Full Version

Cycle8 FilmSpirit 2.1.0 Multilingual

SIZE: 83.9 MB 

Browse Through Original Video

Preview in Real Time

Save Your Projects Anytime

Multiple Trailer Themes

Multiple Title Sequences

Support Various Video Formats

Magic Click

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Download Cycle8 FilmSpirit 2.1.0 Free

Windows 8.1 Pro N VL with Update (x64/x86) Free Download

Download Windows 8.1 Pro - Crack Software - Full Version

* Windows 8.1 Pro N VL with Update (x64/x86)

* Windows 8.1 Pro Pre-Activated

RAR Size: 4,17/3,28 GB


Processor: 1 gigahertz

RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB ) for the 32-bit version or 2 GB for 64- bit version.

hard drive: 16 gigabytes (GB) for the 32-bit version or 20 GB for 64- bit version.

Graphics card: Direct X 9 or

Senin, 05 Januari 2015

Capture One Pro v8.1.0.145 Free Download Software

Download Free Software Capture One Pro v8.1.0.145 - Full Version

Capture One Pro New features

• Editing in Photoshop (the ability to process photos in Photoshop)

• Improved Auto Adjust (improved automatic processing photos)

• Quick Cursor Tools

• Find / replace renaming (search and replace words in file names)

• Additional and improved naming tokens (obvnolennaya neymiga system files)



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