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Best Fitness Apps for Smartphone

Aside from all the useful and interesting things that smartphones are enabling you to do they are also quite capable of helping you stay healthy and active. Even though most of us know the value of workout and remaining active, not all of us can be bothered to actually exercise as often as we should. This is the greatest thing about apps of this type, while some of them simply give you instructions on how to do some exercises other are actually capable of making your exercise regime more efficient, or even helping you make it more interesting. Regardless of your preferred activity, you can be sure that there are at least some apps that could help you with your favored routine, and we have listed some that have been shown to be effective.

1) Fitocracy

One of the apps that is meant to motivate the user to work harder and strive for better results, Fitocracy does this by allowing you to share your results with the community of other users of this app. Regardless of your discipline, chances are that there will enough other users to create a healthy competitive atmosphere that will make you push harder to reach the top of the charts. Additionally, you also easily post your results on Facebook, informing your friends of your success. The app is completely free and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

2) MyFitnessPal

This app is more focused on your proper nutrition than the exercise regimes. It allows you to easily track your intake of calories, by offering a bar code scanner and a huge database of different types of food. It is great for keeping an eye on your calorie intake and really helps you reach your weight goals, without having to spend too much time on dealing with actual numbers. MyFitnessPal is available for both Android and iOS, and is absolutely free.

3) Nutrition Tips

Another app that is more focused on helping you with your diet decisions than your workout, Nutrition Tips gives you a bunch of useful advice on proper handling of your nutrition. The app is packed with interesting info on different types of food, and can really make a huge difference in your diet. This free app is only available for iOS platform.

4) Couch To 5K

A great instructional app that allows you to go from zero to running 5 km in no time. The app’s program guides you through a nine week regime that gradually becomes more demanding, until you are able to run the full distance with no problem. Apart from motivating the user, it also prevents you from straining yourself too much, or being too slow in your progress. Available for both Android and iOS, Couch To 5K is another amazing free app.

5) Workout Trainer

If your excuse for not exercising was that you can’t hire a private trainer and you simply don’t know how to do the exercises properly, this app maybe the thing that will finally make you start working out. It holds a database of all the exercises that you may ever need, with detailed and clear instructions of how to do them without injuring yourself or risk working out with no effect. Another free app that is available both on iOS and Android devices.

Author Bio:
Article by Samuel Evans blogger and writer . Samuel currently exploring everything related to mobile phones and gadgets.

VueScan Pro 9.3.19 Multilanguage (Win/Mac) Free Download

Download VueScan Pro 9.3.19 (Win/Mac) - Full Version Software

VueScan Pro 9.3.19 Multilanguage (Win/Mac)
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Hetman Uneraser 3.4 Free Download Software

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Hetman Uneraser 3.4
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EnterpriseDT CompleteFTP 7.4.0 Enterprise Edition Download Software

Download Free Software EnterpriseDT CompleteFTP 7.4.0 - Full Version

EnterpriseDT CompleteFTP 7.4.0 Enterprise Edition

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Bad Wolf Software SmartEdit 3.211 Free Download Software

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Bad Wolf Software SmartEdit 3.211

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VSO DVD Converter Ultimate Free Download

Download VSO DVD Converter Ultimate - Full Version

VSO DVD Converter Ultimate Multilanguage
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Rip DVD Movies
Convert DVD to AVI, DVD, MKV, PS3, DIVX, iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.
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Netralia VodBurner Free Download

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ESET NOD32 Antivirus 7.0.302.26 Free Software Download

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The main advantages of the program NOD32 Antivirus
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Android Apps To Create Music

"Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife." Kahlil Gibran.

Everybody loves music. In one form or another we are all addicted to our favourite songs. Pop music, Hip-Hop, Jazz music or Rock'n'Roll – they are all great.

In recent years modern technology becomes more and more innovative. Especially when it comes to mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones etc..

Android Apps To Create Music

Android, iOS' biggest competitor, is undoubtedly the most popular platform for mobile devices. Every month they release thousands of new applications and always find a way to surprise us. Travel applications, which help you explore the most interesting and captivating places on Earth; business apps, which are must-haves if you are running your own business; educational apps; fitness apps; games... the list is so large that we can hardly find such a big variety of categories to classify all the different opportunities that Android offers us. Today we have decided to select for you the best music making apps. No matter if you are at home or on the road – these applications are amazing and you can be sure that you will spend hours enjoying your favorite hobby with them. Here is our short list:

1) PocketBand Pro

Here is our first suggestion! PocketBand Pro is an amazing application that allows you to “Build high quality tracks as a sequence of loops, mixing synths,drums, audio recordings, analog modulators and arpeggiators. Apply FX to channels and export to mp3 or ringtones. Also play and collaborate in our community.” (quote directly form Play Store). Unfortunately, it is not free – it costs $9.99, but it is really worth the money. It works on Android 1.6 and above and it is among the most popular making music apps.

2) Image-Line FL Studio Mobile

As almost every other Android application, this one has an iOS twin too – FL Studio Mobile. However, the interface is a bit different. It has a wonderful selection of built-in sounds and gives you the opportunity to create your own tracks. All you need to do is let your imagination fly and put all of your creative ideas in practise. The application costs only $19.99 and runs on Android 2.3.3 and above.

3) Solo

Apps To Create MusicHere is another fantastic program. If you love playing the guitar, then this is the best choice for you. Solo gives you the opportunity to carry your own guitar everywhere you go. Classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar – they all sound realistic. You will spend hours creating your own projects. Also, the app will show you the exact place to put your fingers. After the latest updates, Solo has added toddler settings and variable auto strum speed. It is the cheapest application in our list – only $3.99 and works on Android 1.6 or later.

4) Caustic 2

We left this one for a dessert since it is our favourite. Inspired by synthesizers, this great application has a wonderful design. And although the overall interface looks a bit complicated, once you download it you will see that in fact it is very easy to use. The program is absolutely free and runs on Android 2.1 or later.

Author Bio:
Rose Finchley loves to write about technology. She works in the support team of http://www.perfectcleaning.org.uk/end-of-tenancy-cleaning-hornsey-n8 and she loves her job.

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Be a Responsible Parent- Get a Mobile Spy App

Get a Mobile Spy App
Being a responsible parent does not only mean to raise your children with healthy food, respectable shelter and get them to reach high academic levels, it also means to get them to know the difference between good and bad, and save them from the social evils around them.

Many parents focus on the academic achievements of their children. Often such standards get the children under pressure and cause them to lose their understanding of the social and moral etiquettes. For instance, children might start taking drugs to relieve the academic tension they constantly undergo in their houses and schools. Also, they might start hanging out with dealers who offer unfair means to pass in exams and tests. All these activities are prevalent in children who are constantly forced by their parents to improve in their studies.

Mobile spy application can be purchased at a reasonable price, considering the company is chosen smartly. Many spy app developers out there offer almost all features for a low price package. Parents out there who are on a budget constraint should consider buying and experimenting with one of the trustable spy software first. The software can be installed on the children's mobile phone easily. As soon as the software is installed on the handset it starts functioning. This functioning includes recording the data of all activity and then transferring it to an online account. This online account can, of course, be only accessed by the parents who purchased the spy software.

Parents can keep a check on all the people their children are staying in contact with. All the calls that are being made, what timings they are made at and to whom, everything can be checked by parents. If any mysterious texts messages are being exchanged by your children make sure you take the necessary and immediate steps.

Spy software also allows parents to track down each and every step of their children by using the geographical tracker in the application. This tracker will update parents about all the locations being visited by their teenagers. So now there is a clear short cut to know whether your teenager is partying at night club or studying in the college library. Even better or worse maybe, your children could be involved in some illegal activity to earn cash. Track all these people down who are after your children to get their path straight.

There are times when parents simply want to make sure that the friends their children hang out with are of proper upbringing themselves. Now of course these children will hardly pull out a word of 'hello' in front of you, but could be loading your children with weird thoughts and notions behind your back. But fret not, since this very handy mobile phone will help you with this situation. Many spy software companies now offer the feature of live audio recording. This live audio recording system can be put to start manually, at any time, from anywhere. Once switched on, all the surrounding sounds can be listened to as audio recordings. These audio recordings are uploaded on the same accounts the parents access rest of the information from.

So with all these benefits, it is hardly a surprise that many parents are now easily monitoring their children's activities from their homes. No need to ruin dinners with interrogative questioning sessions, simply pull out your laptop and spy on your child without him/her ever coming to know about it. They are your responsibility and with the help of a mobile spy application, you can carry out your responsibility better than ever before.

Image Credit: Source.

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The Basics of PC Utilities Software

PC system utilities are programs that encompass several applications that help clean up and fix numerous computer issues. While most PC utility software programs differ greatly in the services that they offer, there are several basic functions common to the majority of these programs.

Registry Fix:

Your registry is constantly changing with updates, new registry entries and deletion of old entries. Because of this, there are usually numerous entries in your registry that are very old, useless or corrupted, and these entries can create numerous errors. Your registry is a vital part of your computer, and it can easily be harmful to your computer to delete registry files that are necessary. Instead of trying to clean the registry manually, PC utilities software can scan and detect which files need to be removed and which files need to stay without harming your computer.

On the chance that the removal does damage your computer, there is usually the option to restore the registry to a backup file that was made before the cleaning process to return your computer to normal.

Junk File Cleaning:

Temporary files, cookies, recycle bin files and much more are all junk files that needlessly take up space in your computer. Not only does this rob you of hard drive space, but it may also significantly slow down your computer. A quick scan and sweep of the junk files can free up gigabytes of space and speed up your computer.

System Optimization:

You may not be using the best settings or options for your computing needs. System optimization tools can improve your Internet browsing, save laptop battery life, increase speed and more. You can also set the options to optimize performance for work related activities, gaming, typical home usage, server use and more.


As you add, change and delete files on your computer, these files fragment and spread out over your system. The more changes, additions and deletions are made, the more fragments are created. When too many fragments are created and when too many files are fragmented, it can slow down computer speed since it needs to find all of the fragments of a file in order to use it. Defragmentation software finds these fragments and puts them back together to create a more complete file allowing the computer to easily find and access the file.

Error Detection:

Though you may not always notice, your system may be dealing with errors that can be affecting performance or damaging files, programs or the entire system. Error detection finds and resolves errors found in your system. If it can't resolve the issue, it can usually provide the user with information on the error as a reference to fix it.

Why Do I Need PC Utility Software?

The Basics of PC Utilities Software

One of the most important times to get PC utility software is when you are dealing with a slow and problematic computer. A good utility software can remedy several problems that may be causing performance issues. Though a good utility software is a good start, it's also a good idea to get a quality antivirus software to ensure that no viruses are causing the issue. Antivirus software will also provide constant virus protection to keep your computer safe from future infections.

PC utilities software is also beneficial for anyone who wants to regularly maintain their computer. Regular computer maintenance is important to keep your computer running well for as long as possible and utility software is a great asset to have for maintenance.

If the software doesn't run regular scans, it's a good idea to run a scan at least once every week. If you run into any viruses or moderate to severe errors, it's also a good idea to run the software directly afterward to resolve additional errors and clean up junk which may have been created during the error.

Image Credit: Grant Cochrane.

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3 iPhone Apps that Give You the Chance to Earn Money

Apps that Give You the Chance to Earn Money
iPhone app developers are not the only ones who can make money off of their applications. Some apps for iOS can actually help users earn money, as well. That said, if developers want to earn the most money, they need to make sure they employ the right marketing strategy. For instance, appnext.com is a leading social and mobile advertising network. appnext iphone ads can help developers make the most money possible through their smart targeting technology and advertising tools.

However, if you're a mobile user looking to gain a bit of cash or rewards from your apps, the following are some iPhone apps with these perks.

1) CheckPoints:

Earn points when you check into shopping malls, cafes, grocery stores, etc. To earn points that can later be redeemed for rewards, such as gift cards and other merchandise, scan the items you purchase and refer friends to take part in CheckPoints.

2) EasyShift:

Receive simple assignments and complete them (i.e. taking photos, giving an opinion, etc.). You are paid via PayPal after completing several tasks. The more you do the more you earn.

3) App Trailers:

Preview app trailers and obtain points for your efforts. Not only can you make your opinion count and assist app developers in improving their apps, but you get paid for viewing or tying out a demo.

Other rewarding apps include:

Gigwalk, Shopkick, Phewtick, GymPact, Field Agent, and Iconzoomer.

Image credit: thanunkorn.

The Cost of Maintaining Internet Safety

In today's quickly-moving business world, there are a great many potential threats to a growing company. A lot of these have come about in part because of the rise of the Internet. There are more and more reported instances of Internet crime each day. To help you get an idea of the scope of the problem, let's take a look at the states where Internet crime is reported with the greatest frequency. California takes the top spot, with 34,169 complaints reported in 2011. Florida takes second place with 20,034. It's fairly obvious that this is a growing threat.

In order to protect your data and your company's profitability, it's important to know how to protect your data, to know your rights, and to know how to avoid hefty fines. In order to combat the rising threat of Internet crime, the Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) now requires telecommunications providers and equipment manufacturers to provide surveillance capabilities in their products so that federal agencies have the ability to monitor Internet and phone activity as well as VoIP traffic. It's a partnership that is taking great strides toward fighting the rise of Internet crime.

What does this mean for your business? In short, you need to ensure that your company is CALEA Compliant. The fines for ignoring this responsibility are hefty, often reaching up to $10,000 per day. The total consequences of failing to comply with CALEA standards can be as high as half a million dollars for a single breach of protocol. This is something worth taking very seriously, and hammers home the idea that everybody who participates in the Internet has a certain set of responsibilities to the greater community.

The Cost of Maintaining Internet Safety

Source: GoWifi.

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Cara Mengaktifkan Aplikasi BBM di Android dan iPhone

Setelah cukup lama tertahan dengan beragam gosip serta kabar burung yang menyebar, akhirnya para pemegang Android dan iPhone (iOS) benar-benar dapat menikmati BBM atau Blackberry Messenger secara cuma-cuma. Sontak berita peluncurannya beberapa waktu yang lalu memenuhi berbagai media baik dalam maupun luar negeri, online ataupun cetak saling berlomba dalam mempublikasikannya. Kini, orang banyak berburu tentang cara mengaktifkan ataupun menginstal chat app ini.

Cara Mengaktifkan Aplikasi BBM di Android iPhone

Cara mengaktifkan BBM di Android dan iPhone menjadi tema selanjutnya yang hangat diperbincangkan. Aplikasi lintas platform tersebut memang telah lama ditunggu-tunggu. Untuk Indonesia sendiri Blackberry Messenger merupakan salah-satu yang terbaik bila berpedoman dari banyaknya jumlah pemakai yang aktif. Kita tahu keberadaannya selama ini sangat membumi di jagad pertemanan via online. Banyak pengguna dari aplikasi bersangkutan adalah pelaku bisnis yang memanfaatkan fitur BBM untuk aktifitas jual-beli dengan intensitas cukup tinggi.

Aplikasi multi platform ini bisa di unduh secara cuma-cuma alias gratis. Untuk mengaktifkan BBM (Blackberry Messenger), Anda dapat mengunjungi situs di alamat www.bbm.com langsung dari perangkat Android atau iPhone di tangan Anda. Setelah berada di laman tersebut, sistem akan mendeteksi secara otomatis menurut spesifikasi perangkat yang Anda gunakan. Kemudian silahkan pilih menu Google Play Store untuk Android, atau Apple App Store untuk iPhone. Sebelumnya pastikan dahulu bahwa Android kita adalah versi ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) atau diatasnya. Sedang untuk iPhone yang telah mendukung adalah iOS 6 serta iOS 7. Setelah mengunduh kemudian menginstal, calon pengguna diwajibkan melakukan registrasi atau sign up guna membuat Blackberry ID dengan mengisikan alamat email dan infirmasi lain yang dibutuhkan.

Perlu diketahui bahwa nantinya satu ID tersebut hanya bisa digunakan untuk satu perangkat saja. Langkah berikutnya setelah berhasil mengaktifkan Blackberry ID, calon user BBM pada Android atau iPhone akan diberi PIN unik untuk akses masuk ke jaringan. PIN tersebut berfungsi sama seperti PIN handset Blackberry pada umumnya. Sampai di sini proses pembuatan akun telah selesai dan aplikasi sudah bisa diaktifkan. Selain chatting, berbagai fitur menarik juga tersedia dan dapat kita nikmati seperti BBM Group serta Broadcast message. Bagaimana dengan Anda, tertarik mencobanya?

USB Flash Drives and the Digital Age

Professional photographers today are faced with two choices when it comes to digital storage – DVDs or USB flash drives. Clients want to know that the storage device you use will keep their pictures safe and secure, and they also want a device that gives them easy access to those pictures. Given these considerations, USB flash drives are the better option every time. On paper, DVDs might look like the better choice – they can hold about 100 pictures more than a flash drive, and they are certainly less expensive. However, it takes a lot longer to upload large blocks of information to a DVD and DVDs are more vulnerable to damage. Conversely, flash drives allow for a quicker upload of information, safer portability, and they are compatible with all kinds of devices, from smartphones to tablets. And in our digitally connected world, clients truly appreciate the convenience of being able to upload photographs instantly to their social media sites!

USB Flash Drives and the Digital Age

Created by the marketing team at Custom USB, this infographic provides detailed information and a comparison between DVDs and USB Flash Drives.

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Everyone Is At Risk For Cyberattack

Everyone Is At Risk For Cyberattack
Homeland Security declared that October is National Cyber Security Month, which has inspired hackers across the globe to increase their nefarious efforts against secure accounts. According to Fox News, the initiation of this annual event - which is to spread awareness about the risks of surfing the Internet and how one person's computer can infect many more - has potentially compromised more users because of an underlying insinuation that the criminals who inspired this federal action felt baited.

According to the source, AVG and Avira, popular anti-virus software providers, were the victims of major cyberattacks. Although no end-users of these companies were affected by the hack, security expert Graham Cluley told the source that it is embarrassing for major security providers to be compromised in this way.

Who is vulnerable?

According to the Lane Report, individuals should be aware of the risks they're taking by simply browsing the Internet. In addition to security applications, such as password management software, an awareness of the risk can help prepare users for the harsh realities of cyber crime.

Everyone from casual Internet browsers to major corporations are at risk, as the above example Fox News example suggests. The source reported that hackers have developed new methods of producing income because of how simple it has become to acquire sensitive data, such as passwords and online authentication accounts. Additionally, it is becoming easier for the everyday person to turn to a life of cyber crime.

"If you can read, you can be a hacker, because you can pay money and they give you the instructions on how to run these hacking tools," David Montgomery, senior account manager for SDGblue, told the source.

According to the Lane Report, organized hacking has become a rising concern among businesses. Recently in New York, $45 million was stolen from automated teller machines by thieves who managed to acquire the personal passcodes of bank members.

Individuals should consider how their assets are stored online. As the risk for cyberattack is becoming more widespread with the advent of new mobile technologies, such as smartphones and tablets, it is important for Internet users to focus on how they're protecting themselves.

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CyberLink Power Director 12.0.2109.0 Multilingual Free Download

Free Download CyberLink Power Director 12.0 - Full Version Software

CyberLink PowerDirector 12.0.2109.0 Multilingual
SIZE: 531 MB

Export formats of video files :
- 3D- Video : MVC NEW, Side-by-Side NEW, Anaglyph
- High resolution : AVCHD, MPEG- 2 HD, WMV-HD
- MPEG- 2
- MPEG- 4
- MPEG- 1
- QuickTime
- RealMedia
- AVCHD to SD Card
- 3GPP2 for 3G mobile

GET Video Converter Ultimate 7.9.1 Free Download

Free Download GET Video Converter Ultimate 7.9.1 - Full Version

GET Video Converter Ultimate 7.9.1
SIZE: 37.69 MB

GET Video Converter Ultimate makes all these happen:
- Remove DRM copy protection from WMV WMA, iTunes M4P M4A M4V AAC M4B ASF, BBC iPlayer WMV and MP4.
- Download Video from Youtube and other Video sharing websites.
- Rip DVD to all pop video & audio formats while maintaining

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How To Use Google Analytics

How To Use Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an online tool that assists in collecting detailed data about website visitors. Once the Google analytics script is added to website source code, it is possible to track website traffic, traffic sources, as well as conversion rates and sales. Google Analytics is mainly designed to aid marketers and webmasters. As a basic service, it is available for free. The advanced version is available for some monthly fee. Advanced version provides many additional information than the basic version. Website owner must allow Google Analytics cookies in order to collect information.

How Google Analytics can help?

Google Analytics tool helps to track AdWords campaign and also to boost online marketing campaigns. Once a person has visits a website, Google analytics tool uses access logs to store visitors data on the server. The information is then analyzed in a particular way once it has been stored. Part of the information includes the time and date of visit, the browser type on the visitor’s end, and the operating system, just to mention a few.

Google Analytics tool has been applied to determine the number of visitors coming to a site. But this is just one feature that may not reveal what people do once they come to the site. Thus, it becomes necessary to track the pages they visit once they land on the website.

Online advertisements and marketing campaigns can be tracked through Google Analytics tool. Thanks to its ability to track visitor’s path through HTTP connections. People who know more about HTTP connections understand that it is simply a way through which computers communicate with each other.

Google Analytics can also help people calculate the following:
  • Visit depth
  • Bounce rates
  • Repeat visitors
  • Bounce rates
  • Website loyalty, among other things
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
Google Analytics works for SEO because it is easy to use. It is possible to define a range of data when viewing statistics in different categories. Webmaster can navigate from general to more specific data on the tool. Google analytics also shows from where the visitors came from. Which also includes the Keywords they have used to find the site. This particular option is very important to rank higher in search engines for any particular keyword. However, the most important contribution of Google Analytics in Seo is to help website owners improve their marketing campaigns, advertisements and website visits by using statistics.

Google provides an improved version of Google Analytics tool, which can track even short activities on a particular website. It also loads faster. It is called Real time data. You can access visitors flow, number of visitors on site and many other useful data in real time using this new feature. It is possible to see where visitors are coming from, where they arrive and at what point they leave. Thus, by paying attention to each of the pages, webmaster can make necessary adjustments. This would result to more sales or conversion rates.

From the above discussion we can come to the conclusion that Google analytics has made the life of webmasters and marketers more easier. Read more information on Google Analytics here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Analytics

Image Credit: SmartPhotoStock.

Author Bio:
Author Matthew Anton is a seo expert. He loves to write posts on how Google analytics can be used to track seo data.

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Google+ for Business

Facts on Google+ for Business

Since its beginnings, Google+ has had the unfortunate label of being like a step child in the social media family. Social network titans like Facebook and Twitter have always been more popular in the past for individuals and businesses alike.

But for anyone with an online business who wants their presence made online, Google+ has actually become a necessity for online marketing.

So, if you are running a new business and are overlooking your Google+ account, it’s probably because you assume that little to no value can come of it. But that’s the furthest from the truth; Google+ can make a big difference in your overall Google rankings, as well how you engage your target customers.

1) Creating a business page can improve your search appearance:

Have you ever looked up a business you were curious in, and saw the large rich snippet image appearing to the right of the screen? This is all tied to how Google finds your business, which can be easily modified when you create a Places for Businesses page.

Google will favor your business when you have a well-established Google+ page (alongside a Places page)— allowing more accurate search results when people search for your business.

In Google’s eyes, trusted businesses will have their image icon appear within search results; making a good impression on anyone searching for you.

Give your target market the chance to read reviews of your business, and learn more about your products and services.

2) The +1 Button:

Ah yes, the mysterious “+1” button from Google. Believe it or not, it’s actually more straightforward than you think. Users clicking the +1 button, indirectly impact your business.

It’s doesn’t affect direct SEO; instead, it shows how users are likely to interact. Users are more likely to trust businesses who interact on Google+, and have a +1 business or product.

Having user-relevant content on Google+ will improve a business’ SEO rankings; attracting more clicks and +1 shares.

3) Google+ profiles are treated like regular sites:

According to a recent article in Social Media Today, Google doesn’t give special treatment to Google+ profiles; they are ranked with the same factors of any other website.

Individual Google+ pages even have their own PageRank. Providing some extra care to your Google+ profile (including your own interaction, links, as well as user interaction), could mean better rankings for your sites.

Find a way how to monitor employees Google+ interactions; evaluate your findings and plan a strategy to make the most of it.

4) Google Hangouts are more effective than you think:

Plenty of us have used live stream services for meetings and such through Skype and GoToMeeting. These help drive internal matters of your business, but have you thought about what you can do with Google+ Hangouts?

One of the most significant aspects of Hangouts is how you can live stream your sessions with the public, even if they aren’t involved with the Hangout. Take the opportunity to conduct a live interview, webinar — anything you want on camera for your target customers to view and understand.

Nothing beats letting your audience see the faces behind your project. The live streams can be viewed by an unlimited amount of people; so it’s a great tool.

5) Google+ has more users than you think:

Everyone likes to thumb their nose at Google+, believing “no one is on it”; but guess again. This past June, Google+ had more than half a billion active users, with numbers steadily growing.

If you’re looking to reach out to an audience beyond just Facebook and Twitter, it’s time to put Google+ in full gear.

Author Bio:
Andrea Fisher is a published journalist as well as a content writer for ADT Home Security. She has an English degree and political science minor from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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NSA: Best Mobile Phone Trackers Around

During 2005 the NSA began its warrantless wiretap program to look into international emails and calls. It’s come a long way from being an organization that was created to spy on foreign agencies. No one would have predicted that it would one day be deploying mobile phone trackers against citizens of the United States. The NSA folks are so skilled that they even cracked the Blackberry code! Blackberry has boasted of the most secure system around, and even they couldn’t fight the NSA off. Companies like Verizon are routinely handed over customer data to the NSA. Do you think the NSA is going a bit too far?

NSA: Best Mobile Phone Trackers Around

Infographic By: Mobistealth

Aplikasi Terbaru Keren serta Unik, untuk Laptop dan Komputer

Aplikasi terbaru keren dan unik untuk laptop - Komputer menjadi peralatan penting saat ini. Apapun modelnya baik PC atau laptop (netbook/notebook) keberadaannya semakin dibutuhkan, utamanya bagi kelompok pelajar dan profesional. Seiring perkembangan zaman, laptop telah mendominasi pasaran. Dengan alat ini kita akan memiliki perangkat mobile untuk merampungkan segala urusan yang biasa diemban oleh komputer rumahan. Harga yang dipatok juga bervariasi. Anda dapat menemukan merk-merk terbaik saat ini dengan banderolan harga yang terjangkau. Saat ingin menginstal aplikasi, beragam program ataupun software telah banyak beredar yang beberapa diantaranya bersifat gratis.

Aplikasi terbaru, keren dan unik untuk laptop bisa terdiri dari dua jenis. Secara garis besar kita bisa mengelompokkannya menjadi aplikasi teknis (pembantu) dan aplikasi hiburan. Untuk yang sifatnya teknis tidak perlu kita jabarkan satu-persatu karena memang jumlahnya banyak sekali. Aplikasi file manager, audio player serta browser internet merupakan sederet aplikasi teknis yang biasanya secara default telah disertakan saat menginstal sistem operasi (Windows, Linux, dll) di perangkat kita. Adapun yang bersifat hiburan yang kami maksud di sini adalah aplikasi keren dan unik pada laptop untuk iseng saja (mengerjai orang). Artinya hampir tidak ada fungsi atau manfaat darinya kecuali sebagai pemanis serta untuk menjahili orang lain :) Bagaimana, penasaran bukan? Baiklah, tanpa panjang dan lebar silahkan baca ulasan di bawah ini.

Aplikasi Terbaru Keren dan Unik untuk Laptop

1. Aplikasi jahil Avoid

Aplikasi Terbaru Keren Unik Laptop Avoid
Avoid adalah aplikasi terbaru, keren dan unik untuk laptop kita yang pertama. Seperti apa cara kerjanya? Begini lho sob, program ini nantinya bisa memindah tombol start di komputer atau laptop secara otomatis. Jadi saat pengguna melakukan klik start, tombol start tersebut akan beralih tempat. Begitu seterusnya hingga kursor yang ada akan saling kejar-mengejar dengan tombol start. Keren kan? Hehe.. sangat cocok buat ngerjain teman kita.

2. Ultimate Virus

Dari namanya saja kita bisa menerka fungsionalitasnya. Ultimate Virus merupakan aplikasi keren dan unik untuk laptop yang dalam penampakannya menyerupai peringatan atau notifikasi sebuah virus. Lho kok bisa, terus bahaya nggak? Ya enggak lah, namanya juga aplikasi jahil, just kidding gitu loh wkwk. Untuk melakukannya kita harus mengakses perangkat calon korban, menginstal aplikasi ini di laptop atau komputer miliknya. Dan setelahnya, taraa.. software tersebut akan mulai bekerja.

Aplikasi Terbaru Keren Laptop Ultimate Virus

Icon-icon pada desktop akan lenyap seketika dan tak akan bisa di restart. Selanjutnya akan tampil peringatan terdiri tiga opsi yang harus di pilih yakni format hardisk, delete Windows folder atau delete all contents on local disk. Siapapun pemilik perangkat bersangkutan pasti akan belingsatan kalang-kabut bukan kepalang hehehe. Tapi tenang, jangan khawatir, semua file/folder tidak akan terhapus karena sekali lagi aplikasi keren dan unik ini hanya lelucon saja. Meski begitu admin menyarankan untuk berfikir ulang bila Anda akan mencobanya, terlebih bila calon korban mempunyai riwayat sakit jantung yang tentunya bisa GassWattt :)

3. Fly On Desktop

Aplikasi Keren Laptop Fly On Desktop
Aplikasi keren dan unik ini telah banyak penggunanya. Fly On Desktop mampu menyuguhkan obyek-obyek menarik dengan kualitas grafis hampir mirip seperti aslinya. Sekerumunan lalat akan nampak bertebaran di desktop Anda. Jumlah lalat bisa disesuaikan. Untuk menutup aplikasinya tinggal cari di menu system tray. Menarik bukan, tertarik untuk mencobanya?

4. Cockroach On Desktop

Aplikasi Keren lucu Laptop Cockroach OnDesktop
Satu lagi aplikasi terbaru keren dan unik untuk laptop yang serupa dengan program sebelumnya di atas. Dengan menginstal Cockroach On Desktop di laptop, Anda akan mendapati desktop yang penuh dengan.. Kecoak! Hii, ada yang takut, jijik atau alergi mungkin? Jangan khawatir, karena meski tampak nyata berjalan wira-wiri kesana-kemari, kecoak-kecoak tersebut hanyalah animasi belaka.

Bagi yang penasaran dan ingin mencoba aplikasi-aplikasi di atas, Anda dapat menemukannya dengan mudah melalui mesin pencari Google. Silahkan telusuri dengan kata kunci sesuai nama aplikasi yang Anda inginkan.

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Cool Slideshow Maker for Windows - Make Slideshow for PC, DVD, and the Web!

Cool Slideshow Maker for Windows
Photo Slideshow makers are really a great tool when it comes to making a story with your precious photos. These Slideshow making software's allows you to easily design and create high quality Slideshows and convert them to videos by adding background music to it, Allowing you to create a story with your photographs. One such software that allows you to create story with your photos & that we are about to discuss in detail on this article is SMARTSHOW (Smart Slideshow Maker).

With this Cool Slideshow Maker you can create and share your life's memorable moments in a new Unforgettable way. SmartSHOW slideshow maker turns still pictures into thrilling photo movies with music and beautiful transition effects. Let's have a look at it's features...


Smartshow has a lot of features to add variety of effects to your Slideshows. Let's explore them,


It has a wide range of Readymade templates to use for your project. These templates includes Basic, Vintage, Wedding, Travel, Children, etc.. with sub-branches within them to choose from. After selecting a template, you can add photos for your slideshow and carry on with your project.

Transition Effects:

This Cool Slideshow Maker is integrated with 100+ transition effects to choose from. Transition effects are categorized as Standard, Gradients & Double. Standard has about 45 effects, Gradients has about 44 and Double has about 44 transition effects. Each and every effect is unique.

Music Options:

You can add a number of sound tracks as background music to your slideshow and make it alive. Smartshow accepts musics of all formats and allows you to cut audio track, sync it to the slideshow, set faders and more.

Output Formats:

Smartshow offers 4 types of output formats as follows,

1) Video Slideshow:

Video slideshow option allows to export the slideshow created by you in popular video formats such as AVI and MP4. It also has some more options for Creating HD Video, Video for mobile devices, Video for the Internet & Other types of videos.

2) DVD Slideshow:

DVD Slideshow option allows you to burn the slideshow which you created to a DVD. It first offers you to choose a template for your DVD and allows you to Burn it to a disc or Create a ISO Image of it.

3) Create Screensaver:

It simply converts your slideshow into an animated screensaver for your desktop.

4) Create EXE Slideshow:

This is one of the very best option that converts your slideshow into a .exe file and allows it to play on any system without the need of any video players/installation of any special software.


Here is a sample "Christmas Images slideshow" made with SmartSHOW.

For more Samples, Have a look at their Samples page here: Samples.


SmartSHOW is compatible with Windows xp, vista, 7 & 8.

Get it now:

You can Download and try SmartSHOW by going to: http://slideshow-maker.com

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How Can You Improve Your SEO Performance with Webmaster Tools

 Improve Your SEO Performance with Webmaster Tools
The best SEO company says that SEO experts should be familiar with different statistics that can help them enhance and optimize their strategies. One thing that can assist them in this regard is Webmaster Tools, a powerful set of tools especially meant for SEO specialists.

The greatest advantage of Webmaster Tools is that it allows you to view one or more sites from the Google angle.

It is necessary if you want a strong SEO impact. With the toolset, you can view your site in a way Google does. It gives you insights into the indexed pages of your site, the various links that are pointing to it, the most popular keywords etc.

Hence, a site that is active in Webmaster Tools has much better chances of being fully indexed and rank well as compared to the ones that are inactive in the toolset. You can also get other deeper insights from the tool set, which can be leveraged to get the best Search Engine Optimization benefits.

If you are not yet active in Google Webmaster Tools, let me tell you that it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is sign up for an account, login to the dashboard of Google Webmaster Tools and from there, add your website. You will then be asked to prove that the domain is yours. On the basis of your host, Google may offer to do the needful through an uncomplicated pop-up process that allows you to login and verify in a few steps.

The other options include getting a Google-provided meta tag to your homepage, followed by an HTML file upload to the root folder of your site, or confirming your ownership with the help of Google Analytics, if that is already installed in your website. It generally starts populating data within 24 to 48 hours.

Google Webmaster Tools Features:

The best SEO Company India says that once you are done with the site set up, its time to log in and make yourself familiar with the interface. The toolset, at its core, is all about metrics i.e. what’s getting indexed, linked and traffic.

The data you get should then be broken down in different ways to use it to formulate a plan regarding the steps you need to take to get your SEO campaign going.

The various Webmaster Tools metrics are:

Search queries:

It shows four metrics:

Impressions: It indicates the number of times a website is visited through a particular keyword. It, thus, helps you renew your web content with keywords of greater value.
Clicks: This shows the number of people who have taken action and clicked on your site in the search result.
CTR: This shows the number of users who have clicked on your website from the search results. If you find your number to be dissatisfactory, you can change your meta description to attract more traffic.
Middle position: This tells your exact rank for each keyword that you use. It helps you determine your performance and the impact you have on your traffic.


In order to understand how your keywords are performing, you need to click on the terms while being on the search query section. Studying the data for individual keywords informs you about the pages that are ranking for those keywords. This way, you not only understand your overall SEO achievements but also get to know about the different elements of your content campaign. 

Top Pages:

Within “Search Queries”, you get the opportunity to view “top pages”. This indicates content that gets the maximum number of impressions and clicks. It, thus, offers low hanging fruit opportunities you can easily capitalize on.

Page Level Strategy:

A site is structured in a way, so that each keyword points to a section of the website. Webmaster Tools enables you to identify ideal keywords for each of the sections. Once you get your keywords mapped, use them to rank tracking tool to find out extra data like competition and traffic.

Author statistics:

It allows you to tie in guest posts on other websites by linking to your Google + account. It can be easily accomplished by the “rel=author’ tag that is embedded as a link in particular write-ups. Your picture appears next to your content; and readers find it easier to read your other write-ups.

The best SEO company will always suggest you to use Google Webmaster Tools when developing an SEO strategy, as it offers you better opportunities and the perfect medium to determine the performance of your site.

Author Bio:
Sarmista Aun writes for a professional digital marketing company. She tries to guide all new online advertisers through her writings.

Game Terbaik dan Terlaris untuk Android 2014

Game Android terbaik dan terlaris 2014 - Para gamer dimanapun Anda berada, senang sekali bisa menjumpai Anda semuanya. Sebuah penelitian menunjukkan bahwa bermain game selain mengasikkan juga dapat menghambat penuaan otak, khususnya bagi kaum dewasa. Sedangkan bagi anak-anak, aktifitas gaming yang tepat bisa melatih kemampuan otak sehingga mendukung proses belajar. Sekali lagi, harus tepat baik jenis permainan yang di pilih maupun pembagian waktunya. Memainkan game juga bisa menjadi alternatif hiburan di kala waktu senggang kita. Orang biasa melakukannya saat sedang menunggu sesuatu ataupun sengaja mengambil waktu untuk sekedar menyegarkan pikiran.

Saat ini beragam jenis perangkat untuk memainkan game telah tersedia di pasaran. Bagi gamer sejati yang memiliki budget lebih, konsol game dapat menjadi alternatif utama yang mana perangkat ini memang di desain khusus untuk memuaskan hobi mereka tersebut. Bagi Anda yang berkantong tipis jangan khawatir, karena sekarang ada banyak sekali HP Android yang juga mendukung untuk bermain game. Beberapa diantaranya di jual dengan harga murah-meriah. Kini Anda dapat memainkan game kesukaan berbekal uang dari saku Anda. Dan untuk melengkapi daftar permainan, Anda bisa mendapatkan game terbaik untuk Android yang bisa kita unduh secara cuma-cuma alias gratis.

Android adalah platform (sistem operasi) berbasis ponsel yang saat ini banyak dibenamkan pada HP maupun tablet. Selain sifatnya yang terbuka (open source), beragam aplikasi bisa didapatkan oleh para penggunanya, termasuk juga game terbaik dan terlaris untuk Android. Aplikasi-aplikasi ini diciptakan oleh pengembang dari seluruh dunia, untuk kemudian di kirim ke Google Play yang merupakan situs resmi sebagai tempat penyimpan berbagai program. Lantas apa saja Game gratis Android terbaik dan terlaris yang saat ini telah ada? Simak ulasannya di bawah ini.

Game Terbaik dan Terlaris untuk Android 2014

1. Dream House Days

Game Android terbaik Dream House Days
Game Android terbaik gratis kita yang pertama adalah Dream House Days. Dalam permainan ini kita di tuntut untuk mengelola sebuah apartemen berdasarkan dua misi. Misi yang pertama adalah bagaimana caranya supaya penghuni yang tinggal di rumah tersebut merasa aman dan nyaman, sedangkan misi yang kedua bagaimana kiat kita agar apartemen tersebut tetap mendapat laba/untung. Kedua misi ini harus berjalan bersama dan saling mendukung. Cukup menantang bukan? 

2. Icon Pop Quiz

Gambar Game Android Icon Pop Quiz
Game Android terbaik berikutnya adalah Icon Pop Quiz. Untuk memainkannya cukup mudah dengan hanya menebak atau menerka brand merk serta nama dari ikon yang akan tampil. Pun begitu nampaknya permainkan ini cukup menguji wawasan kita tentang berbagai merk yang kita ketahui. Bagi gamer yang gemar membaca lintas topik tentu tak akan terlalu kesulitan dalam memainkannya. Penasaran ingin mencoba? Miliki segera game gratis ini hanya di Google Play.

3. Angry Bird

Game Android terbaik keren Angry Bird
Angry Bird mengisi tempat ke tiga dalam daftar game kita kali ini. Siapa sih yang tak mengenalnya? Permainan ini sangat populer dan familiar hampir di semua umur. Suguhan grafis dan animasi berkualitas tinggi dengan banyaknya pilihan seri saat ini. Game gratis ini menampilkan dua tokoh yang mewakili dua kubu. Tokoh pertama berupa sekelompok burung dengan masing-masing kemamuannya akan menghabisi kerumunan babi sebagai tokoh ke dua. Kitalah yang akan mengeksekusi babi-babi tersebut dengan burung yang dilontarkan memakai semacam ketapel. Unik bukan? Segera koleksi game keren ini.

4. Real Racing 3

Game Android balapan Real Racing 3
Efek 3D yang diemban Real Racing 3 nampak begitu nyata. Anda akan bermain layaknya pembalap yang mahir di arena race kelas dunia. Menjadikannya mampu merangsek ke jajaran game unggulan saat ini. Bagi gamer yang menyukai game balapan wajib mencobanya dengan mengunduh di Google Play. Dapatkan versi terbaru permainan ini secara gratis untuk melengkapi direktori game di perangkat Anda.

5. Dead Trigger

Game Android paling bagus Dead Trigger
Bagi gamer yang kerap memainkan PlayStation tentu mengenal game Dead Trigger. Pada awal kemunculannya permainan ini tidak gratis alias berbayar, karena popularitasnya hingga ada pengguna yang mampu membajak. Sehubungan hal itu pula mungkin, saat ini telah meluncur versi gretongan (gratisan) yang dapat ditemukan di Google Play. Selain gratis, Dead Trigger merupakan satu dari sederet permainan yang menyajikan grafis terbaik. Segera koleksi game Android terbaik ini, dan rasakan sensasinya.

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What is a DDoS Attack?

A DDoS attack is designed to compromise the integrity of a website, allowing hackers to gain access to sensitive material such as banking, financial, and personal information. DDoS attacks are orchestrated by hackers who rely on vast networks of computer botnets which simultaneously attack a website. These attacks are hard to identify simply because of the sheer volume of information that passes through a website on any given day. Botnets mingle in with those information streams and keep attacking the website until they make a breach in its defenses. Most times a DDoS attack is not even recognized until it is too late to stop it. Often, the first sign of a DDoS attack is a slowdown in website speed and functionality, and by then the damage will already have been done. DDoS attacks are a serious problem that can cost companies millions of dollars and devastate a business’ customer base. However, with the help of a professional DDoS protection company, it is possible to guard your online business from such vicious attacks.

What is a DDoS Attack?

Created by the team at Prolexic Technologies.

OpenSUSE 12 Free Download Full Version Software

Download OpenSUSE 12 - Free Software - Full Version

OpenSUSE 12

SIZE: 8.49 GB
Languages: cs de es fr it nl pt ru tr zh zh-tw
open SUSE - a free operating system based on Linux for your PC, laptop or server.


Download OpenSUSE 12 Free

Free Download Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL 64 Bit en-US + Microsoft Toolkit Full Version

Download Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL 64 Bit en-US + Microsoft Toolkit - Full Version

Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL 64 Bit en-US + Microsoft Toolkit
SIZE: 746 MB

How to Install:
(1): Please use 7Zip/WinRAR/Universal Extractor to EXTRACT FILES
(2): run the setup
(3): Use the given Microsoft Toolkit to activate
(4): Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!


East-Tec Eraser 2013 Free Download Full Version Software

Download East-Tec Eraser 2013 - Full Version - Free Software

East-Tec Eraser 2013
SIZE: 5.9 Mb
Home Page - www.east-tec.com

Key Features and Benefits:
Destroy all evidence of your online activities: Clean Web Sites, pictures, movies, video clips, sounds, e-mail messages, chat room conversation history, AutoComplete, etc.


Free Download East-Tec Eraser 2013

Realtek Ethernet Drivers Free Download Full Version Software

Free Download Realtek Ethernet Drivers 

WHQL 8.020 W8/8.1 + 7.075 W7 + 6.252 Vista + 5.818 XP - Full Version Software

Realtek Ethernet Drivers 

Supported: WHQL 8.016 W8 + 7.072 W7 + 6.252 Vista + 5.818 XP
SIZE: 40.71 Mb


Download Realtek Ethernet Drivers Free

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7 Shocking Stats & Trends About The Internet

Below is an Infographic on "7 Shocking Stats & Trends About The Internet"

7 Shocking Stats & Trends About The Internet

Infographic By: Staff.com

Rabu, 09 Oktober 2013

Work at Home Opportunities

Work at Home Opportunities
We all want to live financially secure which is why we tend to get more jobs than the usual. Sometimes, we have an 8 hour job and take up another shift at another job. But, there are other ways for you to earn money. These options are far less complicated and far better for your health than working 16 hours a day. The internet is a vast landscape full of opportunities. These opportunities come in varied sizes and shapes. One can even become a company owner by just working over the internet. Here are some of the home revenue opportunities you can get by working over the internet.

1. Web Marketer:

More and more businesses now use the internet to sell their products. This is the right time for you to brush up on your marketing skills and take this job to make more sales over the internet. The best thing about it is that you do not have to face the person in real time. You only persuade the person through chat or email which erases the complications brought by first impressions or physical attributes. Gone are the days when you feel awkward at talking in front of people. Aside from that, you are also compensated handsomely if you tend to reach your quota either on a weekly or monthly basis.

2. Blogging:

Another way of earning money with the use of the internet is through blogging. If you love to write about different things, then you need to set up your own blog site and start blogging. Publish your blogs and make sure that it is at the front page so that people can actually notice it. The more blogs you posts, the more people will read it. The more people reading your blogs, the more traffic it drives hence you get more money out of it since online ads will happily pay you for advertising their products. Just make sure that you have readable and high quality content. Never try to copy from anyone from the web.

Have a look at: 6 simple ways to earn money from home!

3. Home Based Business:

This may be the best option for you to earn more cash. Set up a home based business and start promoting it through the use of social networking sites. There are no restrictions to home based business. You save a hefty amount of money by putting up a website rather than establishing a store down the street. You also save even more money since you do not have to hire employees to work for you. You can sell different items or put them up for auction on different websites. The thing about home based business is that it needs to have proper attention and visibility. People need to know that you are in the business which is why marketing and promotion is the key factor to a successful home based business.

4. Online Job:

More and more people are catching up to the current trend of working online. There are millions of businesses and offices out there that outsource their workload to talented people all over the world. If you have the right skills for the job, take the opportunity to earn extra cash by improving your skills and dominate the marketplace for this type of workforce. It may seem competitive at first but if you have the right set of skills and the right amount of attitude, you can easily fly above the competition and earn more than a thousand dollars a month. You can even start your own team and get even more projects to work on and you get all the profits as the team leader. The best thing about it is that you only work at the comforts of your own home.

Image Credit: artur84

Author Bio:
Alice McLean is a writer at bestessays.com with background in history, sociology and internet marketing. Now she is writing her first book on internet marketing.

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Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Device

Rooting Your Android Device
Google’s Android is open, customizable and a highly versatile operating system compared to other mobile OSes. And rooting it allows users complete control on their devices. However, you may wonder as to what rooting your Android device involves and what are the benefits in doing so. First, it is essential to understand what rooting is all about.

For the uninitiated, rooting gives users root permission and access to their devices. Rooting also gives the users the ability to tweak the settings on their phones, flash custom ROMs on the phone for adding additional features, as well as modify the software on the device. However, rooting is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be done successfully provided the users follow the rooting instructions for their device carefully.

A thing to note is that with different kinds of Android phones available, the same rooting technique may not work for all. So before rooting, users need to ascertain whether or not a particular rooting method will actually work for their devices. Users should also know that doing so will void the manufacturer’s warranty on your device and there is a small chance that improper rooting can also damage the phone permanently. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of benefits to rooting your phone and it is a risk definitely worth taking.

Flash a custom ROM:

This is one of the best benefits of rooting an Android device. In simple terms, a custom ROM is a modified version of Android that users can install if they are not happy with the Android version that their device comes with. Adding a custom ROM adds more unique and convenient features to the phone that are not usually seen on their devices. Samsung devices are usually the most rooted of all, as users want to use stock Android ROMs that are much more agile than Samsung’s TouchWiz skin.

Flash a custom kernel:

A kernel allows apps on the phone to communicate directly with the hardware of the phone. A custom kernel helps improve the performance of the phone, enhance battery life, speed up battery charging, and also add advanced features such as Wi-Fi tethering on certain phones that do not come with this option.

Tweak under the hood settings: Users can tweak every little feature of their phone including customizing the keyboard layout, enhancing multitasking functionality, increasing the scrolling speed as well as adding interesting themes to the phone. Basically, rooting allows users to reach into the darkest corners of their phones and make the most of the changes that are possible.

Remove bloatware:

This is one of the best reasons for rooting. Often the phones are preloaded with software and apps that one does not use. These programs not only occupy the onboard memory, but can also drain the battery. Before uninstalling any apps, users should confirm that those apps are not vital to efficient functioning of their phones.


Having a backup of crucial data and settings is highly recommended. Should a user want to migrate to a new Android handset or wishes to restore the deleted data to the current handset for any reason, then a backup must be readily available. This is also helpful even if the user is not rooting his/her device.

Apart from these benefits, rooting also helps to block annoying ads that appear in apps, boost the speed and battery life of the phone, automate everything as well as unlock certain hidden features in the device and install certain apps that are otherwise considered as incompatible.

Author Bio:
Rohit Reddy is the editor of GadgetResearch. He is a gadget and technology enthusiast and loves blogging about them. In his free time he likes to follow the latest tech news and share it with his friends.



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